Classic or Crock

Classic. The hardest working monarch made it famous by doing absolutely nothing with it.
Classic. I just like how it looks.
CrzRsn, because simple honest passion combined with gut feeling trump reason and articulate argument every time.

With cars at least. Don't every apply that philosophy to a woman FFS!
Oooohhhhh. Do I got a good one for all y'all.




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A Toyota Hilux humped a Miata which gave birth to that.

And if Brokeback taught us anything it's that, while it's OK to be a gay cowboy, there aren't enough of them around to create a market segment.
Crock. Worst pickup truck made in America combined with the worst removable/convertible production truck top ever combined with craptacular engines.
You guys are no fun, but I'm going to give it to MWF.

OK so here is a curveball. It was, of course, fatally flawed from day one being a 1970s Shit-ish Fail-Land product but...... just look at the thing.

Crock. Rover is the name of a dog and the SD1 sure lived up to that.
Crock. I never understood why people called it a classic design. In my eyes, the proportions are way off. Or maybe there is just something about a long wheelbase hatchback that I dislike (same story with the Panamera).
Classic, combines bellowy V8 engines with British yearn for cutting edge futurism and those Ferrari Daytona looks ? all in a presentable executive saloon package. When a British saloon was forward-looking, not backward.

Deciding vote someone?
Classic, but a tragically underdeveloped one, the way most BL-era classics were.
LCG breasts the tape a fraction ahead of public...

The Toyota Corolla FX-16 GT-S, basically a FWD hatchback counterpart to the Mk1 MR2 with the same drivetrain, wheels, and many underlying bits. This was always the 190E Cosworth to the Honda CRX's M3, always in the shadows of the big kahuna but still a great car in its own right.
Oof. With some sadness, I'll vote crock because even most car enthusiasts would walk by it and think that it's just another old Japanese hatchback. The CRX you mentioned suffers from that too but the incredible aftermarket keeps them closer to the spotlight.
Classic. Legendary engine, great handling, less likely to be stuffed into a ditch than the 86.