$^#& coco needs a new DSLR body


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Aug 21, 2009
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I got stuck in that $&!#@^* ^%$@(^# FP2 rainstorm during Austin's F1 round. Guess whose camera body no longer even powers on?

This is, of course, the worst possible time to need a new camera. I have about a ten-day stretch of stuff in November I'd like to use a camera for, part of which is a LeMons race--meaning that I have <$0 extra lying around to get a new %$#^!@# camera body.

I had a Canon T3. I called it the SuperPotato, but it was a) good enough for web use and b) light enough not to be a huge bother. I also didn't have to wait for Getty or AP to post stuff, which was a huge bonus for work. I had the local camera shop check it out and they said that something's likely shorted inside. Wouldn't power on with my batteries. Wouldn't power on with a fresh battery. It's dead, and a repair would end up being more expensive than a used replacement. Used replacements locally were around $225. $#@^.

The T3 did okay, but got to where it would lag pretty badly, especially in low-light situations (night races, etc.), but whatever--that just meant that I had to nail tracking in one take instead of one of a burst. Or, uh, sod it and stick to pit lane or paddock shots if I could sneak in.

The kit lens that came with it and cheap-but-decent zoom lens still work despite getting just as wet as the body, so I'd like to stick with Canon. It's what I'm used to.

What's the cheapest replacement out there that would be any good for motion shots of cars?

Ideally, I'd prefer to stick with SD cards over CompactFlash--mostly because I could at least take the SD card out of my nuked camera, stick it in a slot in my computer and still be able to off-load things. At this point, though, I'm hella butt broke and don't have a lot of options. I repeat: this is the absolute worst timing that I could've had.

A built-in flash would be good. I don't use flash very often. I don't need to whip out a fancy external flash--most of what I shoot is outdoors and/or well lit. But for the few times I need a flash for a stupid flash shot, it comes in handy.

I don't even have the $225 for another T3 right now. Luckily, it looks like I've got a 30D to borrow, but that still leaves me looking for a camera I can use later.

I've rented 5Ds and 7Ds (both Mk I and Mk II on the 7D). Close enough to the T3, but much faster shooting = me gusta. Would love to find one used, but eesh. 7D Mark II ticks all the right boxes and seems to be the fastest of the bunch, but finding a cheap one is...dammit. DAMMIT.

There's a bunch of 1D Mark IIIs around for fairly cheap, but that's a pretty old camera and I dunno. Not sure if it'd be an upgrade on the newer 5D/7D cameras I've used or not. Also, CompactFlash. Grumble.

There's a few Craigslist specials for early 5D and 7D cameras, but they're still pretty expensive. Someone also has my old camera with a lot of extra awesome kit, but it's $400. http://austin.craigslist.org/pho/5278230190.html Sort of want, but not sure if want. Too broke to buy, either way.

(I also really, really wish the old sliding 100-400mm lenses would drop in price while I'm wishing for things, but yeah. Haha. It's cheap enough to just rent when I want it that I'm fine with renting THAT one forever and ever.)

tl;dr--find me a hella cheap replacement DSLR body that's good for motion shots. :cry: Ugly but functional works.
Obvious question - were you at COTA for work or pleasure? If the former wouldn't they contribute to a new camera or at least fund one that you can pay back in easy installments?
7D was the first one that came to mind, or a used T3 which should be cheap to keep you going.

How far have you gone with drying out the body? Electronics can recover remarkably well from a dead state to working if dried out properly. If you have nothing to lose maybe sticking it in a very low oven would do it.

I suppose I should add that while I don't recommend changing brands unless you want to, my D7000 is 'weather-resistant' and has brushed off several soakings in the rain. It ain't no speed machine though.
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Work, and I asked--nope, since it's a personal camera. FML.

I'm going to leave it in a bag of rice a bit longer, I guess.
There are commercial options available for electronic devices which probably work better than rice. Best Buy should sell them I would have thought but at the same time if you've damaged a circuit with a short while it was wet no amount of drying is going to help. Still worth a try though.
The Nikon D7000 is nice. So is the Canon 7D if you want to stay "in the family". Don't worry about SD vs CF. Just get a USB card reader: they're cheap.