College Football. Does anybody watch?

Let the student riots commence...

Remind me to mute any Big Ten game on Saturday; it doesn't matter if Ohio State or Wisconsin or Illinois are playing, you know the announcers will bring up this story at some point during the broadcast.
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Tennessee might be able to go undefeated in really think we deserve a title shot.

This just in: Arkansas is abandoning the SEC West for the Sun Belt conference, in order to refocus on its legendary rivalry with Arkansas State!

Seriously though, I am absolutely in favor of a playoff and I think the BCS is BS. But there is no playoff (not even a Plus One), so we have to take strength of schedule into effect.
I don't watch college football, but I just wanted to come here and post that; "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story" :rofl:

I would like him to see how it feels to be "touched" by one (or more!) of his fellow inmates. :rolleyes: I heard that all the killers and criminals in jail specifically attack child molesters.
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Funny little tidbit...If OSU wins out they will have won a game on Thursday (Arizona), Friday (Iowa State), Saturday (self explanatory), Sunday (Tulsa), and Monday (presumably LSU).
I find myself caring less about the loss in light of what happened last night with our Women's Basketball program and the loss of a great man like Coach Budke.
Don't be shocked if Auburn beats Alabama. The teams' past performance never seems to matter as much as it should going into the Iron Bowl, especially with Auburn playing at home. Also keep in mind that LSU has to go through Arkansas (who seems to have their number lately) and (almost certainly) a surging Georgia.
I swear that every Big 12 game this year with any importance (or at least any national implications) gets ripped to shreds by upsets a week or two before it finally takes place. It's happened to all the ones I was looking forward to.

I stand by my statement that sportswriters are doing and saying everything they can to avoid an all-SEC championship game. But now they're getting backed into a corner:

1 LSU 10-0
2 Oklahoma State 10-0
3 Alabama 9-1
4 Oregon 9-1
5 Oklahoma 8-1
6 Arkansas 9-1
7 Clemson 9-1

Everyone in the top 7 lost this week except the SEC teams, so it should go 1-2-3 in the BCS tomorrow . . . unless . . .

Oklahoma State's National Title chances (Friday Night):


Oklahoma State's National title chances (Saturday night):


Rooting for Auburn this weekend. War Damn Eagle!
I'm still in a bit of shock at how awesome this season has been.
Heh, you're in shock?

We beat Mobilehoma! :lol: Us! Baylor! What is this I don't even.

Oh, and dearest aggy:

I may have a soft spot for the Horns (as long as they're not playing BU), but I don't think I've gotten this much genuine amusement out of another team's win as I have with the final Texas vs. Benedict Aggy game.