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Come and criticise!!!


Photoshop Mod
Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
Ok I am ready... here is one of my first works in photoshop..( Its the Mustang drawn by Salar) Ok what are your views...

I would say it is. I consider every picture change/manipulation a Photoshop.
To give you some feedback, I would say the areas you selected to change look rough sometimes. you should blur them to make the colour change more realistic.
thanks mate.. i'll do that too.

here's another photoshop of mine :

I was too lazy to change the rims and bumbers...

One thing for sure, my entry for the competition was my best edit so fat...
I have learnt some new stuff. will implement it on a car this weekend...
Doesn't look bad at all, I don't know if you worked on that last one long, but you could zoom in more and make the selection cover the car better. I can see the car was green before.

Stickers are in good perspective, keep it up.
i had a mouse then. a useless scroll cable mouse.... i now use a lightpen...

When will the competiton entries be shown and how do we vote?
heres the OG pic
Thanks. Here are the things I've seen that you could work on.
You can still see rests of the paint job in some areas. You should reselect those areas with the lasso and get rid of the old paint via hue/saturation.
You can see it on the hood, where you forgot to colour match the gaps. It doesn't look nice and stands out.
The front bumper hole, where you can see the intercooler doesn't match with the intercooler itself. The original picture is pretty blurry, while the edge with the new paint is very pixelated. Use the blur tool to get rid of it.
At last I've noticed the colour under the right mirror. You gave it too much red. Try to darken it a little to get a shadow effect.

Another thing I've forgot to mention is the pic you choose to work on. I think it's not the best PS material since it's already modded. That wouldn't be a bad thing if the picture wouldn't be so blurry and lo-res.
I suggest you should use higher res material, since it is a lot easier to work on the details on them. Just download one from www.dieselstation.com.


I'm sorry, but what you did whit that evo is a little bit easy. Try to change more things, everybody could do this...

This time I did some serious editing... what ya think?

The OG pic

Ok heres my new project
Not bada at all. Very impressive.
now thats some good stuff raheel
but some constructive criticism: dont use the smudge tool that hard, or dunno what you used for the front bumper but its not that sharp. another point is to be more precise with the wheels, on the top of the front wheel you messed up a bit the rubber/wheel contact
other then that the idea is awsome, window tinting fits with the car color, good choice of rims, the graphics on the door is real nice

good job especially if you started using ps not long ago ;) keep up the good work :thumbsup:
Not bad. The only thing that I notice is that the perspective of the decal isn't correct.
^ imo, i dont think that such a big deal, especially cos its "painted" on the car, so it can have any perspective you want
The evo looks very nice. As far as the front is concerned, I think it looks better now than the original. The rims may need a little tweaking. They almost look fake, but maybe it's just the rim style.
I don't know. It's the firs thing I've noticed. I'm just saying that it would look better, if he moves the head side slightly away from the car and the dragon wing closer to the car. <-- This description really exceeds my English skills. I hope you get what I mean.
yeah, it makes since and it might help. Basically the angle of the decal could be better adjusted to match the camera angle and the car position.