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Comedian Chris Tucker gets busted in Bentley GT (video)


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Jun 2, 2005
erm... I don't get it, it's not interesting at all, even if he's a well known person (apparently)
i get some energizer commerical if i follow your link...
Re: Comedian Chris Tucker gets busted in Bentley GT (video)

vladmitu said:
hoho, wow, so what did they do after that, did they still bust him ?

He was still busted. I just like the lines where he says he has to get to church and the bit where he says he didn't see the cops because he had the rear view pointed back at himself so he can look at his own face.
i hate the news/media they even say it was a dangerous chase blah blah. It looked pretty loney on that freeway. I would say he where speeding pretty SAFE. ofcourse, thats not what the audience want to hear.