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Rake was so good ?

some times it's the simple things...

You're a monster!

So am I. lol
So...Tim Minchin is Australian Weird Al now?
Paul F. Thompkins, on Instagram, does these things where he sings songs to go with various license plates. He hasn't done one in months, and just posted this one today, which made me very happy.

Explaining the references, in case you need help:
To help understand, "FOMO" is "fear of missing out" and "Eleven" is a main character in "Stranger Things"

Remi's Olympics
:ROFLMAO: Every time I look at that video, it's like the first time :D
"Let me hesitate just a moment to make sure I don't punch my pens. *bang* Oops! I disheveled my sign of chaos! Let me just carefully just move my beer out of the way so I don't make *another* mess! Jimmeny willikers!"
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I'm checking this thread for a good laugh before starting a new week.