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OMG the end of that video is so hilarious! Fuck, that whole video is amazing! :lmao:
On another server I play on, some people have made some cool art.

And for the older people.
A strip club. Sorry it's kind of dark in here. Lol.
so like bring it on...
Rave on!!!!

i just saw this in YT:

Another video from the Yogscast showing another awesome mod!

This mod is amazing. When you see all the stuff you can do with it, suddenly vanilla minecraft seems lackluster. C'mon Notch! Add more things like this! I'd love to see a deeper game with more things to do. The game can get very stale very fast for some people.
I am laughing so fucking hard right now. Nearly crying in laughter.

As soon as he climbed up on the roof I knew what was up and a bit sad to see it staged, but that was very funny. I wonder what would have happened if he waited a little longer.
It's actually quite a large team that prepares all the maps, does the stories, the graphics. Quite impressive really.
I need to make a panorama screenshot of my new world, it has the most awesome plains I have seen.
BWAAHAHAHAHA, I sing that song all the time, now I have some music with it.
Something I noticed and hastily ran through the totallylookslike builder:

Ok, wtf, the things people come up with using the basic mechanics of mc