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I love it when people think laterally. I wonder if this could be combined with a modified version of that cannon...
Run your minecraft smoother/faster etc


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A group of people who are working on a replica of middle earth.

This has to be the most impressive minecraft project I've ever seen

Pretty insane how large and detailed it is. And some pretty big nerds as well...
How powerfull the server have to be!!!!

If you haven't subscribed to this bloke, go and do it. He makes some impressive shit.
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Someone's server got a good spawn point.

Couldn't help it.
^ I thought that was my cactus you can see in the top left window, it's famous!

For my birthday, my boyfriend got me this set of socks. They are so CUTE AND AMAZING looking! (I'll post a picture when phyrefile cooperates with uploading). It does really look like the pictures on the website (and with how expensive they are, they should)!

And here are those pictures!:

I'm wearing the creeper socks today, they are actually extremely comfortable!
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:jawdrop: Wow, those are some kick ass socks! I want!
They are really great socks. They are amazingly comfortable and thin, as I like socks. It's unfortunate that they cost at least $40 USD. The website does sell internationally (obviously), but it does cost a bit to get them over here I think.

Also, here are the piggy socks being worn (on my feet):
My office window