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My office window


"how creepy"
Watch out, it might destroy that portion of the building! Not all of those blocks can be recovered when they are destroyed by explosion! xD

(If I ever work in an office and have my own window I sit near I will make some game art on my windows so long as I can.)
People actually got upset when I took it down.
"That's art!" - You have no idea.
I like it, I may have to steal that idea at some point. :D
Yogscast showing off some awesome mods!

Oh, and that last one has a Top Gear reference in it, I think it is fairly obvious when you hear it.
I've watched all 3 and had to go back when I heard the TG reference to see if it actually was one. I've been playing with that mod pack for the last couple of days too, good fun.
Hopefully some day most mods will be compatible with Spoutcraft, and we'll be able to support our pick of them on the server.

Look at this project before 1.8 came out. I sort of helped on it in the first month. I helped out with a bit of ideas and just moral support (and a bit of building) and I'm in the credits. Woo! xD /shameless

But for realsies, it's actually a really awesome castle and I'm glad that they finally had gotten it finished because it came out great.
What a jerk. Funny, but mean.
I'm surprised this video hasn't made it here yet:


Obviously not made in Minecraft, but much better than the original song and clip :)
Don't Blink, whatever you do. Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead!
Plain witchcraft.

Mr. Creeper?
Well, Hello :D

thats a nice welcome message you got there, it would be shame if something would happen to it.
DISCo have done it again'