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Company Passivly Forces Implants on IT Employees


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Jun 12, 2005
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This company is requiring that employees who wish to access the datacenter get RFID implants in thier arm for "security". They say the implants aren't mandatory to keep your job, but if your job involves accessing the datacenter, you either get chipped or leave. What's funny about this whole mess is that the RFID tags can be remotely scanned and cloned, allowing anyone with an RFID reader to gain access without a chip. So much for security.

There's no way I'd let my empoyer implant me. Even if they would, I would expect HEAVY compensation for their increased security and my violated body!
They want high security. I can understand why they want chips.
Did you not even read the article or do you not understand the concept of easily cloning the tags, thus negating the technology? This isn't high security, there are cheaper, less invasive high security measures they can take, this is just to generate publicity. This is just stupid.

You illustrate a problem with today. Too few people actually understand the technology being implemented so you believe whatever the those who sell such things say. If anything it makes it EASIER to copy thier access methods. This has NO high security value, it's just stupidity. I believe people should understand the technology they use, most don't and just let it run thier lives. Technology is very useful and necessary, but it can easily be turned against you.
after all it'll be easier to access the pcs than in the old days, when they were still with a key :lol: