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Comparison : Executive saloons


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Jul 12, 2004
Sydney, Australia
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Read about what they had to say about each car....
Car & Driver said:

So which one would you have and why? In this segment, they are all comfortable, they are all fast and they are all comfortable. It comes down to style and...the X-factor...there, I said it.

If I can afford it, I'll definately have the Merc however I'll have to add the sport pack to justify those huge wheel arches. It's clearly the best here however it's styling is debatable and thats where some of you will sway towards Audi's direction. The A8 would be a close 2nd for me.

I would then have the Jaguar XJ Super V8. The Super V8 is super classy, IMO and nothing comes close. That car definately has that X-factor thingy about it...shame it falls short of it's competitors in almost every other aspect.

The BMW ugly and lacks interior flare and the Lexus lacks charecter. I am surprised it came last though...
I'll have the Audi thanks - :heart: their style.

(Though I might then trade it on an RS4...)
I would take the S500 despite being a Lexus fanboy because it is simply the best. You're guaranteed a spot at the front of a hotel, the Valet will open the door for you and you'll impress clients.

After the S500, I would take the Lexus then the BMW, then Jag and finally the Audi. The Audi just doesn't cut it for a luxury car. IMO, the S-class is what dominates this sector and it'd be awhile for an underdog to come along and beat it, although Lexus and BMW are close, they are still no replacement for the S class.

Just a thought, if you look back at the 90's S-class, 2gens ago... it still fits in the Business District, the Hotels perfectly... the Lexus and BMW's on the otherhand seem too old to do the job anymore.... thats what I like about the S class, it'll fit in today, tomorrow and 10 years time.
I love the Jag because hardly anybody else has it, but would have a look at the Audi as well.

Because all the jags are at the shop getting fixed.....
<---- former jag owner, Current S Class owner =P
I like the Audi a lot, the A8 is a really, really nice car.
Because all the jags are at the shop getting fixed.....
<---- former jag owner, Current S Class owner =P
I like the Audi a lot, the A8 is a really, really nice car.

Hehe, if taking that into consideration, Italy should've stopped making cars ages ago :)
Last time they did this comparo, the Lexus was first and the Merc was last. That's why I'm completely astonished that it's reversed, especially considering how willing C&D is, like most American magazines, to give a bj to anything Japanese.

I'd take the Jag, it's the luxobarge with the most human element out of them all, it seems to have the most style. Sure, it'd break down a lot, but at least I'll look really cool at the side of the road. 8)
I wouldnt buy any of those.They've got the wrong versions. What I want is an A8/A8 W12!/ S8 or the XJR
I'll take the Audi or Jag thanks!... Actually, give me both:)
I'd go with the Benz. I like its looks and the fact that it still seems like a good driver's car even with all the cool toys it has in it. I also think, for what it is, a Mercedes is the most prestigious and perhaps most exclusive of the bunch. At least around where I live anyway.
If I was an "executive" I think I'd go for the Jag. I always loved its conservative and very dignified lines. Just feels like a proper car.

The next pick would be the BMW, cause I love the gadgets, knobs, buttons, gizmos, displays and the lot so the likes of iScareTheCrapOutOfYou is my kinda thing. Plus this one I actually drove and man what a nice place to sit one's Executive butt in.
I love the A8... I sat in a 12 cylinder one at the dealership and it felt so nice and classy. I love the interior as much as the the exterior.

It just has the same air about it as the previous generation 7-Series... very low-slung and long, looks quick even when stopped.
Tough call.

I wouldn't pick the BMW because it's too complicated, too cheap and too ugly to be described accurately by any adjective in the English language.

I wouldn't pick the Merc or Jag because the Merc is overstyled, overpriced and overrated, the Jag looks 20 years old and puts me to sleep while being too small and slow, and they'll both spend all their time in the shop. Useless.

I probably wouldn't pick the Audi because the sportiness is not what I'm looking for, at least in this segment. The styling is OK, but not very different from an A4.

That leaves the Lexus, but I think the parking program is a bit of a gimmick, and Lexus styling is still too far on the conservative end for my taste.

At the end, I'd probably go for the Lexus, because it won't break down like the Germans and Brit, while being as luxurious and at a fair price.
A8 or S class for me. BMW is becoming a little blah, Jag is too conservative and old school and Lexus is just a car to me, aliitle too manufactuered and try hard. Then again i am no fan of Toyota/Lexus at all.