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Comparison : Executive saloons

A Quattroporte, sorry.

I'd have this too.

Though if it was one of the in-test 5, the Jag. The Lexus is too dull, the A8 is playing it safe, the 7-series is not very nice to look at, the S-class is too arrogant - "look at me, I am a captain of industry" [and what's with those wheel arches?]. Jag finds the right balance, I reckon.
I'm going to say none of them. Seriously. I think they are all over priced and overly extravagant, I would have a Volvo S80 V8 AWD and have money to spare even after I put on all the goodies. It's still more car than I need, and fully equipped I think it's still a bit cheaper than any of the cars in the review. I like the looks, I like the interior and if my parents' '99 S80 is any indication it will be a solid and comfortable driver. With the V8, AWD and adjustable chassis it should make it a better performer than the FWD inline 6 in our '99.