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May 7, 2006
Compilation torrent of the subtitled version of "Team Schrick", by the translation crew at FinalGear -

We would like to thank all the people who has contributed to the project - this wouldn't be possible without them:


Special thanks to TechZ, bal00 and Suedschleife for the sheer amount and high quality of their work.


Team Schrick Episode 1, 04. May 2009

A vision takes form

Tim Schrick, D MOTOR-presenter, race driver and car nutty test pilot has a vision: he wants to compete in the toughest endurance race in the world,
the legendary 24-Hours N?rburgring on the Nordschleife ? with a car he developed himself. His goal is to place in the Top 10.

The race car will be based on a normal production car, an Aston martin V8 Vantage, bought at a second-rate used car dealer.
This is to be turned into a competitive race car. An undertaking that normally requires years.
Tim wants to turn his dream into reality in a mere nine months. He needs a strong team for this: Unkel Funny provides mental support and technical know-how.
Aged 70, the motorsport idealist is a chain-smoking old school racing driver and has escorted Tim throughout his entire motorsport career.
Tim wants to rebuild the car in his well equipped garage.

His second helper is J?rg van Ommen. The former DTM-driver and the teams second driver brings his vast motorsport experience to the team.
He knows what it means to build a race car in such a short time frame and the problems this involves.
Darius Baghi is a longtime friend of Tim and his engine builder. Petrol is coursing through his veins and he is crazy for performance.
He and Tim will co-develop the heart of the race-Aston. A huge challenge as Tim has exceptional requirements.


Team Schrick Episode 2, 11.05.2009

The fitness trap

Work on Tim's car is progressing. With the help of Darius, a longtime friend and engine builder, Tim removes the engine and transmission from the secondhand Aston Martin V8 Vantage.
These stock components won't be found on the final race car. Darius created a 3D-model of the car to ensure a millimeter-perfect fit later on.

Uncle Funny is worried about Tim's fitness. He insists that Tim completes a cardiac stress test. The test reveals that Funny has a point.
Tim's physical condition is worrying. He has to get in shape or there's no way he will be able to withstand the 2-hour stints in the cockpit.
Uncle Funny gets J?rg van Ommen on board to whip Tim back into shape. The former DTM driver will be the second driver for the team and take care of Tim's fitness problem.
J?rg designs a very personal fitness test on the Nordschleife, Tim has to master the steep track with a bicycle instead of a race car.
A task that takes Tim to his limit and shows how far his physical condition has to improve for his dream to become a reality.


Team Schrick Episode 3, 18.05.2009

Desperately Seeking Sponsor

Race drivers feel most comfortable on the track. Tim Schrick and Uncle Funny compete in a thrilling classic car race on the N?rburgring Grand Prix Circuit with 2 identical BMW 700.
A moving moment for Tim, as his father raced the exact same car himself in the past. Uncle Funny still has a few tricks up his sleeve Tim hasn't learned.

Uncle Funny is worried about Tim's schedule. There's only a few months left to the start of the 24-hours race.
The car is completely disassembled, the parts are are scattered to the four winds and money is running low.
How can the team work on the crucial suspension tuning for the N?rburgring, without a driveable car?
Tim has to get creative, suited up and full of hope he visits a potential sponsor and simply buys a second Aston Martin ? accident damaged.
This junker is to be the experimental vehicle for suspension tuning and testing.


Team Schrick Episode 4, 25.05.2009

The setback

Team Schrick is dogged by bad luck. The second Aston Martin Tim bought especially for suspension testing, still isn't working right.
The engine doesn't output its full power. The tight schedule allows the team only a single opportunity to test the suspension on the Zolder race track in Belgium.

As if that wasn't enough, race management announces rule changes for the 24-hours race, with immediate impact on engine development.
The power of big displacement race cars will be limited. A shock for Team Schrick. All plans for the engine build are void.
The team has to start engine development and construction from scratch.

While engine builder Darious is frenetically working on the engine, J?rg and Tim decide to refresh their race experience.
Both haven't driven in a 24-hours race in years. They fly to Dubai to compete in a 24-hours race. Everything goes wrong: The car doesn't work and on top of that J?rg and Tim get sick.


Team Schrick Episode 5, 01.06.2009

Premiere on asphalt

Time is running out. Only two and a half weeks remain for Team Schrick to prepare the race car for a special test run on the Nordschleife of the N?rburgring.
The test run is Tim Schrick's only opportunity for a full load test of the racer and to perform the final adjustments.
The problem: Currently the engine is still in countless parts in the shop of engine expert Darius Baghi. If that wasn't enough: Darius hasn't finished work on all the parts.

Two and a half weeks to assemble the complete engine, install it in Tim's race car, complete the function tests at the official roll-out and fine tune the settings.
If anything goes wrong now, or a major problem during the roll-out appears, Tim's dream of the 24-hour race on the N?rburgring is over.


Team Schrick Episode 6, 08.06.2009

The decision

Judgement day is close: The legendary 24-Hours N?rburgring on the Nordschleife. On this weekend , the N?rburgring turns into the Mecca of European racing.
More than 200,000 spectators are expected. Many arrive several days early with tents and caravans.
The big moment for Tim Schrick and his team has come. Tim presents the Aston to the well-established competition for the first time.
But Team Schrick has to pass the technical inspection of the ADAC first. Only if the inspectors give the green light, can Tim start in the race.
Will the completely self build race car pass muster of the stern inspectors?

J?rg van Ommen checks out the competition in the paddock. Who is the strongest opponent; what do the other teams think about Tim's project and do they view the Aston as a real threat?
Tim has to show his true colors in the qualifying sessions and unleash the full potential of the race car.
The Aston's first timed lap. Can the small team swim with the big fishes? Will the car last all though the 24-hour race?
Will Tim realize his dream of a top 10 position or will the Nordschleife turn into a nightmare for Team Schrick?


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