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complaining about the road quality


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Ok, now I've seen enough.
I would seriously like to know from people what the conditions of the road pavements in their countries are, because I've seen this many times: everybody complains that their roads are crap, that they have pot-holes the size of footballs and that the whole road is cracked in two from the starting point to the destination.

Now really, that is an exageration, but seriously, everybody's complaining, so I'd like to use this subject to make a comparison of the road quality in different countries, just to see who has it better and to, once and for all, settle on what ordinary/good road quality should be like.
Pictures and rating suggestions are welcome. :)
WE have great roads here, depends on where tho, inner citys are good, highways are great, heavy truck areas are quite bad.

In india/pakistan, the roads are getting better, but with the cheating that goes on, and all that money involved, the roads are hell.
We have great roads, all asphalt on the highway (duh) and in the citys it's mostly asphalt too. Some sort of bricks too downtown but it's not bad.

Speedbumps ARE bad....
that they have pot-holes the size of footballs...
...Now really, that is an exageration

Well, not really :) I've driven in Russia couple of times, and it's seriously bad. Football-sized holes are just moderate ones. Cars are literally getting stuck. In big cities main streets are fixed somehow, but in some places it's all slalom-driving. Although many highways (like from Finnish border to Saint-Petersburg) are quite good, and being fixed.

For a contrast Finnish roads are excellent IMHO, at least in capital-city area. Constantly repaired and renewed. Some main highways are only 2-3 lanes (that's counting both directions, one being used as overtaking-lane in turns for each direction), and some are very good with at least 2-3 lanes in every direction. No holes, no cracks, wery well guided with signs. And a 120km/h speed limit :x
In this case I really can see where tax money goes.

EDIT: I hate the centre of Helsinki though, all layed with rocks (don't know what's the term), and being preserved like this for historical reasons maybe... at least I don't see any other reason to keep that teeth-breaker.
Around here where I live on Long Island, there is always construction and stuff on the major roads like the LIE, which is really a pain. Local roads near where I live are okay, not perfect. The major roads in my town are okay, but there are a lot of small pot holes and a lot of drainage sewers, its really annoying sometimes. Overall its not bad, but it could be better.
here in NL - everything is smooth like a baby butt, no cracks, not holes....

in hungary - used to be very nice, but lately the cities are a misery. main streets are ok, but small sidestreets, and everything else apart from the citycentre in budapest is catastrophic. this is due to the fact that for a few years different parties that could be held responsible for the road blame the others, and noone is investing in this. the head of each district in the city says its the city hall's responibility to take care of the roads, city hall people blame it on some ministers, ministers blame someone else...point is, no money has been invested in roads for quite a while now... :thumbsdown:
highways are quite ok though.

in bulgaria, highways are perfect, relatively new, no problems. between cities main roads are also excellent quality, they have been renewed a few years ago, still in very good condition. BUT! between small villages, and in city roads, those are unbeliavalbly crappy. and literally you have football sized holes and cracks, several of this are seriously dangerous, if you go at 50your car will literally not survive that. every local person and cab driver knows them, and sometimes you see people going left and right for seemingly no reason on a straight road. then you realize they are avoiding the big craters. to make matters even worse, you cant see half of these, because the roads very often have a tiny bit of elevation, that you dont realize. to sump up, highway is ok, major roads are ok, but do not enter the cities... :thumbsdown:

i'll dig up some pics later...
I guess the roads here are pretty good, they are quick to fill potholes when people complain, but there's a few things that are very annoying.
- One some stretches they have used very course asphalt with relatively big rocks in it, so it's a lot of noice in the compartment when you're driving on it, especially on motorways.
- If there's a lot of snow during winter, they take forever to clear the streets, and they are very slow to remove the excess snow, so getting in and out of parking spaces is a hassle.
- Because a lot of people have studded winter-tires on their cars, they wear the asphalt more and create a lot of dust which is polluting and not nice to breathe. So they make people with studded tires pay a fee of 150$, which is fine by me. BUT then they lower the speed limit on one of the main roads into Oslo by 20 km/h so the cars don't whirl up so much dust. Hello, how about sweeping the streets more often so there isn't so much dust there, I thought that's why we paid the fee in the first place, to pay for the cleaning up.
Quebec roads are REALLY, REALLY shitty.

I mean it's a shame, you just cross to ontario and although theirs aren't perfect either, it's a lot better, and when you go to USA, damn... what a difference.

Ofcourse our climate doesn't help, but they still do shitty/rushed/cost saving jobs...
Well, German Roads are known for their quality, I guess...

And mostly its like that... The Autobahn is fine, IMO...

There are off course older streets that aren't used anymore, and I can tell you, some of them are baaad... But we only have gravel roads for driveways or farms or something.

all canadian roads are shitty man! my car suspension can't take it anymore :( thanks to the salt they spray to melt the snow
Yeah the salt spray gets really bad around here when it snows. Luckly this year they cleaned the streets twice to get rid of the sand and rocks. Usually we have to sweep it away ourselves.

I enjoy it during the winter when the cars just coming from the car wash get a big splash of salty water on their car when they leave the car washing place. Such a waste, but hilarious to watch. :lol:
Agree with the Canadian roads. Our town roads are falling apart right now...Fucking patch jobs.
The UKs are average, motorways and major roads are usually pretty good but smaller streets tend to be awful.
Roads in Toronto suck big time. There's ALWAYS some construction is going on. In winter you cant drive openly cause its danger. And in summer these suckers start road construction and so you cant drive freely in summer either. I hate these people's construction
yeah Quebec is really the worst, but ottawa is near what you guys have there.. theres this one road, Carling, man.. arghh.. am seriously better going offroad than going on that street. all canadians lets all move to the westcoast, i heard vancouver roads are good ^_^
theres no cool roads in here.. even in rural areas.. i've always found them to be very dull even if the tarmac was smooth. even the Highways.. i have yet to find a very smooth very long stretch of straight roads.. u know to get my top speed thing :p the fastest i've went in here is 180km/h and it felt like i was rallying, car jumping everywhere... and i had to slow down :/ reached 260km/h in kuwait once and i didn't feel anything dangerous going to happen. I really think we should do it like sweden, no more salt, just legalize spiked tires hehe :twisted:
our roads in ohio are horrible. its not the size of the pot holes, its the amout. they are all over the place. even the highways tend to be pretty bumpy.