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Computer crashing....would like advice.


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Apr 20, 2005
Adelaide, Australia
My computer has been crashing seemingly randomly for the past few months. I thought it was due to my high CPU temp (which was too hot) and replaced the fan, heatsink etc. This fixed the CPU temp problem, but the crashing has remained.

When it crashes I am presented with this message:


I'm not sure what is causing this problem and was wondering if anybody is able to shed some light on it for me...and a possible solution.

I've Googled "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" and there seems to be some conjecture over what is the cause.

Some say that it is a conflict with Logitech mouse drivers and suggest updating to the latest ones to fix the problem. Although whilst I do use a Logitech mouse, I am using the latest drivers and have been for months prior to the problem starting.

I read another forum post where the person thought it is caused by ATI drivers and suggests updating those. Again more people said that this is wrong.

I thought it may be busted RAM.

So now I am really confused over the cause...and thus not sure what the solution may be.

If anyone here is able to lend a hand I would be eternally grateful.
^^ What he said. The same error ocurred on my PC a few months back. I later found out that it was caused by my ram modules. They weren't compatible, so they crashed my system randomly when combined.
i had the same thing, and it was my video card which had a conflict with something

only managed to get it ok by "format c:"
How I hate these screens. If testing the ram does not fix the problem, write down all the numbers all the 0x059834 numbers, goto microsofts's website and look up all the numbers and see what you get. You might find why you are getting the problem, or you may not.

Unfortunately, the sure-fire way to get rid of the problem is to format your harddrive, or to at least try reinstalling windows, which may work. Best of luck.
I've had that happen also...it always said it was my nVidia drivers or something related. Since I have gotten the new forceware drivers it hasn't happened..
I've seen this weird "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" blue screen happen in three different computers, and in the three occasions it meant three different things. In the first, it was one RAM module which was bad, the second time it was the hard disk, which had a number of bad sectors, and the third time the cause was a damaged mainboard. Then, of course, I've had this happen in my computer with some versions of the ATI drivers. Looking for that error in Microsoft's Knowledge Base I had the impression that it simply meant: "There's something wrong with your computer, don't know exactly what, but it has caused Windows to crash, so I'm showing you this screen so that you check it out". :)
I get this from time to time as well <_<
I have the simplest logitech mouse, doesnt even need a driver.
ATI card over here as well, drivers out of date long time ago, cant update them since ati dont release drivers for laptops. One of my housemates has the exact same laptop, he never has this issue.
Can't be ram, I recently upgraded to 2x512 from 2x256.
i've seen outdated nic drivers causing this problem :x
i used to get Unmountable_Boot_Volume message a lot on my old comp, what does that mean? (sorry to hijack the thread :bangin: )
I've had this problem before and it turned out to be a bad HDD cable.

When I researched it at the time I think it had something to do with two or more different devices sharing the same IRQ.
Theoretically isn't supposed to matter since the drivers are supposed to be able handle it, but in practice drivers aren't perfect.

Of course in the old days you could still force your devices to be on different IRQs so you wouldn't have this problem.
ACPI usually does a lousy job of keeping devices on separate IRQs. :x