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Computer F-ed Up


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Jul 17, 2004
Alpharetta, Georgia. U.S.A
Subaru Legacy GT
Well i have no idea but my computer is totally fucked up

Took 3 times to restart to get into the sign in screen, and anthor 3 times t actually sign into my account

Now i have no back ground, most or all my icons are gone

Everything has been formatted...as in my firefox asked me if i wanted to import bookmarks and stuff from IE.

None of the programs like Nortan or AIM work


Also seems my Windows Media Player is Gone
Is there information you need? Like stuff for school/work? Pictures?

In that case, maybe you should take out your hard drive and hook it up on another computer that can start properly...then you could copy all the useful info you really don't want to delete.

I know, lots of people are against MS system restore, but maybe it could help you?
start -> run -> msconfig -> start system restore
Sounds like data on your harddrive has become corrupt. First step would be to run a chkdsk on it. Try running the repair console.
(Maybe you should ask questions like this also on a computer forum :))

anyways, of course your HD could fail...they can always fail. The fact you had to start several times before the computer booted, may be a sign of a broken HD...

I suggest you try to save the data you want to recover (via another pc and a data-restore utility), than format everything and reinstall Windows.

You could try a test if your HD has SMART capability
My friend's hard drive went corrupt yesterday. couldn't even format it or reinstall windows. it was due to a virus. ...

You might have a virus in your system...