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Computer woes

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Nov 14, 2004
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Modded my computer case today, cut out some stamped fan grilles to improve airflow. Must have failed to clean off all the little bits of metal, because it's working pretty erratically now. Random shut-offs during video and music.

Of course, I'll be trying to get it all sorted out, but if I'm not too active on here, you'll know why. I think it's the motherboard or the PSU right now, still poking around though.

Why must all men be so stupid? ARGH! :oops:
been there, done that

had been filing a strip of my case, cleaned my board, but forgot my power supply thingy, sparks everywhere and it was time to get a new one :)

also once tried to fit a CD rom player in a slot ment for zip drive or sth, caus the main board is in the way, but i insisted, and knocked off a transistor. needed a new one as well
Reminds me of the last good idea I had. I figured it's time for a new PSU. So i went to the shops and bought one from bequiet (I should have figured at that moment :lol: ), connected it and hit the switch. Last thing i see and hear is a blue arc and a loud bang. Turns out that it killed my mobo before going to hell.

Brought it back to the store and the clerk even tried to argue in best hardware retailer fashion that it was my fault.
^^ The sucker... not you, the clerk...
Yeah, but that's what they try all the time. I don't even want to know how many times it actually works to their favour.

I firmly told him "I think both of us agree that we're dealing with a manufacturers fault here, don't we ?" He gave me a replacment, no problem but I'll never buy anything from them again. German shops have a lot tolearn regarding customer care.
Buba said:
^^ The sucker... not you, the clerk...

like you wouldn't try the same if you were the clerk?