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[Concept] Dodge Hornet


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May 19, 2004
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I just stumbled across this on a German newssite. I don't think it has been posted yet.

Prior to Dodges entrance to the European market this concept has been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. Not much about it is know besides the fact that it's intended to blend American design principles with European car dimensions. Comes without a B-pillar as well so the interior is completely accessible.

The facts revealed so far:
3,85 meters long
Four cylinder engine with 170Hp
About seven seconds for the sprint from 0-100 and a top speed of 209 km/h

A Dodge Hatch. Who would have thought ? :lol:
it's not a bad design, but I doubt if the production model would look cool like that
somehow....that looks kinda cool :?
Now, where is the bucket again? I need to puke really bad...
it looks like some of those suzuki models theyre bringing out to give the company the 'new' look
Buba said:
Now, where is the bucket again? I need to puke really bad...

roger that....
Kebab gud said:
looks like a mix af the mini, xB and any old dodge SUV
the front actually looks like the MG SV, well a little bit

American design principles have reached a new low.
DarkReaper said:
American design principles have reached a new low.

I think this is a perfect example of the designers being forced to get out of their comfort zone. The brass at Dodge asked them to make a small people mover, the designers we totally befuddled they turned to kitchen appliances for inspiration.
Reminds me of the Metro 6r4 :)


Get it off before i start to :puke:
Seems like if more of these sort of cars turn up, this forum will soon be turning into a puking community - me included. If I hadn't been told that it is a Dodge, I sure would've assumed that it is something from Daihatsu or Suzuki.