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Confederate Motorcycles [No 56k -- 1024x768 images inside]


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Sep 21, 2003
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A forum search shows that the F113 Hellcat was mentioned before, but I thought I'd start a new thread anyway.

The F113 Hellcat is in the latest Playstation mag in the cool stuff area and I fell in love.


1800cc, 500lbs

Revving: http://www.confederate.com/CMcommon/media/hcrev.mp3
Passing: http://www.confederate.com/CMcommon/media/hcpass.mp3






They also make this really wierd looking bike called the "B91 Wraith".

Wow, sick bikes. I absolutely love the carbon fibre look!

The set doesn't look to comfertable however.

Other than that, it is a SICK bike. :drool:
Look at that little tiny seat. You'd be sliding hanging off the back under acceleration.
the B91 looks BRUTAL! :eek:
I like it, but its kind of.... WeiRD. It's like they're going for a naked cafe racer sort of look, but they want to give it the look of a chopper too. The tank is friggen sweet tho.
Very hot bikes, the only downside imho is when there's someone sitting on them and driving them around.. I've seen some vids from their site and it's just like people are hanging on for dear life or looking like they're hovering over a toilet or something because you can't see the seat they're sitting on.. very strange look.
Anyways, love the craftmanship on these!
They look great! I just saw one of them at the local chopper shop, it was on the lift as the owner was doing some changes to the bike. The guy working on it says they go like hell.
But i still like the more old school style of a basic V-Twin. Might be why i own a Softail.
Holy shit, that bike is like 60 grand. WTF.
Well they are using an S&S Motor in there. If i am not mistaken its a TwinCam Style motor, which is based on the Harley Davidson Twin Cam (duh). And anything Harley is NOT cheap, and you throw in S&S, who are the king of High Power V-Twins, the price makes sense.
Viper007Bond said:
Holy shit, that bike is like 60 grand. WTF.

$67,500 to be exact ... for a bike! I suppose all that custom engineering and fabrication doesn't come cheap ...