Consistent acceleration issues. Second opinion needed


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Oct 20, 2017
Hello guys. Bit of a long post here. First of, i have a Hyundai I20 diesel.

Some months ago i plugged a GPS into it for the first time. Instantly the acceleration power fell drastically and the gearshift indicator/sensor thing also stopped working. I unplugged the GPS and thought that was weird but im probably okay if i dont plug a GPS in there.

Some months later the problem occured every morning. No acceleration, no gearshift sensor. Always failing at the same time. When one works, so does the other. If i have the gearshift sensor working, then i can accelerate and vice versa.
This problem could be fixed by turning the car off after some minutes and then turning it back on. This would keep it working until the next morning.

Fast forward until a week ago. Now the problem is more or less permanent. I accelerate horribly and the gearshift sensor is noping all day long almost.

Then this morning after picking up some breakfeast i started the car and it said this weird noise. Kind of like when a kid has a playingcard on the wheel of his bicycle and spins the wheel slowly. Or when a rollercoaster pulls you up the hill. After i parked and came back 10minutes later, the noise was gone.

So i took it to a mechanic who hooked up his computer.

The answer?

- Error in AC system(which is weird to me since the AC system is working fine)

- Gearshift sensor error

- Some pressuredevice that plays into acceleration(sorry cant remember the name) But it was literally called something with pressure

He suggested to change the pressure thing. Here is my problem. Consistently the gearshift sensor and acceleration have been part of the same problem. That to me(granted i know NOTHING about cars) makes it feel like its not as simple as just changing that pressure device. I asked him about the correlation between the sensor and pressure thing..but he had no real answer for that.

Can anybody help unveil wtf is going on with my car?


Apr 25, 2018
It could be a computer problem with throttle position. Try to check it.