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This thread was originally posted in the moderator's area. I've removed all names and moved it here for hilarity.

Dunno where the old thread went (couldn't find it), but here's some more weird random shit.

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Dear Sir,
Please be informed that we would like to know if you have the monitor model "mfm-ht95" available or not.
Please kindly quote your price per 1set for monitor model (MFM-HT95) sony brand.

Your kindly reply should be appreciated.
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Last night i watch the one were u went to see the point of carvaning. When it got on fire and then other tent Did u get baned for live?

ps im only ten so if there are any spelling mistakes sry
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I'm nice, so I replied as if it was true.
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Hi to the producers of fifth gear. My name is [removed] and i live in the United States. I have been driving cars sence i have been 12 and now that i have my license i cant get enought speed out of the roads here. I would realy want to be on the show to recive some tips on how to go even fasters on a racetrack.. For now the fastes car ive driven is a Subaru WRX. I think it would be a real interesting show having a teenager drive a 500+hp car arounda a speed track.

See the stupid shit I have to put up with? I even have a note saying this is a fan site on the contact form. :rolleyes:

My reply:

Perhaps instead of tips of racing, you need tips on reading.

From the contact form you used to e-mail me:

"Are you aware that is just a fan site? Please don't e-mail us asking us to pass a message along to Clarkson or something. We can't."
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[The 10 year old] is back.

K ummm...... u know in the car survey? well it said the kia was 20th was that correct? my parents have one and it SUCKS!

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Those need to be posted publicly- even the main page would be nice.
*ahem* It's been a while, Viper007Bond.
Ack, totally forgot. Been busy with Phyrefile, etc.
Since October 16th, 2007?
Okay, okay, all cleaned up and moved to a public forum.
Keep posting them! I know you have been getting contacted...
Awww...I especially like the idiot teenager one.
Funny shit, thanks for making them public. I wish there was moar!

I especially like the first Iranian guy... they no understand English so well you know? :p

Some funny stuff. Somehow I think they're faked.
How can people be so dumb :eek:
I wonder if we should just create a Hall of Shame sub-forum for stuff like this, infamous threads and links to some of the idiocy that happens online.

Just an idea.