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cool and freaky

Not really...

You can only choose one symbol each time on this thing... and each time you run it it changes the positions of each symbol...

Try picking like 3 or 4 symbols in one round and you'll find you alwasy pick the same symbol.
the final number u come up with will always be a multiple of 9, ie 9,18,27,36 etc.

look at the symbols that goes with these numbers... they are all the same
Actually by having math it already gave it all away. What's awesome is if they give you a list of symbols, look at one, and boom its there.
you've probably seen this, but I think it's pretty cool:

Start out with just absic object and then try somthing more complex. Somtimes it's smart, other times it's a little slow and asks dumb questions, but give it a few tries; it actually does a decent job.
Well, try answering the questions, then type correct answer when it fails, and repeat it couple of times. It may remember the correct answer :)

Actually this thing is pretty old, at least couple of years. So the database should be pretty big by now.
In that optional questionnaire in the beginning, why are the only six countries the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, France, Australia and Sweden? Or is it just me? :?

EDIT: It correctly guessed compiler after 25 questions! :eek: