Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

I thought Peugeot's ads for the 307 were really good.


Buy the new 207! And terrible things will happen to you all the time! :p


I like both the Infiniti and the BMW but the commercial was funny
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(the first result when i searched for commercials, had the last post in 2006, decided not to bump that one :D)
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Car adverts lost their flair when each model didn't have its own cheesy musical number. :p

Alternatively you could just dub in some Jethro Tull. Love the slow motion cornering and the kids playing in the back seat completely un-restrained. :lol:

Old ones, but good

This is more of an advert than a commercial, but I think it belongs here:

Old, but a goodie:)

Two things I love, rally racing and Subaru :mrgreen:

Then the whole local dealer jingle at the end ruins it.
Meanwhile in the past

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Since they weren't here, for the Nissan/Datsun/Infiniti commercials, pretty much all of them, at least in the US (and a lot of Japanese ones).
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