Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

I think anybody residing in NZ will agree that Toyota make some of the best Car commercials on tv.

In early 2000 Toyota released this commercial for their 4x4 Hilux. The ad ended up being abolished from tv as so many people took offence to the term "bugger."

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I'm not sure if this was a joke, or an accurate representation of how they were actually built.

Meanwhile, I want one of those:

I'm pretty sure that BL advert is a parody from Not the Nine O'Clock News, judging by the presence of Rowan Atkinson and Griff Rhys Jones.

And yeah, I wanted a Laser when they first came out, because talking car.
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The new Audi A3 commercial is awesome, because Daft Punk.

Maybe it's the Daft Punk, but I actually like this ad. Says everything it should about the car in an engaging way.
Very old commercials are always cool to watch:

WTF is this: :lol:

I'm not sure if this qualifies:

That commercial wouldn't work in the US. A small 4 cylinder Toyota? Just about the most sensible car purchase a man could possibly make.

It's a very unique little car with 4WD and the engine is in the middle:)
Meanwhile, I want one of those:

I did want one of these. In fact, I ordered one with all the toys of the day.
A **blistering** 157hp High Output 5.0 liter V-8.
Happily drove it for a quarter million miles.
Loads of cool commercials here

I quite like this one

and this is a winner :lol:

Quite possibly the greatest commercial in history.