Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

Oh dear... That's awesome. :)
An old commercial, I know, but it still manages to make me chuckle:
(I won't mention the fact that my 4 year old Mustang has the same feature - if I ever find a phone that it's compatible with. Oops)
May not be a classic but this Audi commercial from the Super Bowl this year reminds the underdogs all isn't lost - we can all be winners :cool:

How do chickens even work like that? :dunno:
Jaguar wins.

For reference this is what they're parodying


:clarkson: That's brilliant !
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So Volvo made a commercial that have kept us busy this whole week. They ran teasers for the commercial. So in essence they pulled a Superbowl. Only without any sort of superbowl. It was just teasers saying when the ad would air. So they got the whole country to watch TV at the same time, thus making an ad the most watched programme of the week. Of course they uploaded it to Youtube as well so you could see it too. Have they unleashed this on the rest of you guys or are they just banging the nationalist drum back home?

Anyway, here it is. Turn on CC if you don't speak bork.

If you're a wondering who Zlatan is (how can you not know King Zlatan?), it's the ninja footballer who scored the official best goal of the year 2013 (#1 on this video). And a few other goals.
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Shameless bump because of the 80s.

Because "cool" and "awsome" are relative concepts let's look at the evolution of Grace. It's actually a Mitsubishi, but don't mind that. These are real commercials, the sounds are not edited in by funny youtube pranksters, and they're very... 90's... Green screens, people in suits, beautiful people, children, animals, hockey players, Germans, everything is in there.

0:54 - Dorifto!!1
1:55 - Tie fighter noise
2:30 - Wroom! Also hockey for some reason.
3:20 - Enter Mr Sandman
3:40 - Korean invasion of Germany

Below is not porn, it's just that the Bongo is so racy the second narrator gets a little carried away over the creature comforts. Mmmm cupholdeeers.
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Today we learn that Porsches are slow.

Also Porsche drivers stand around autobahns all day just waiting to pounce on innocent motorists.