Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

I love this Taraus ad, it's just so god damn passionate! You don't get ads like this anymore.


That song sounds like it's taken from South park though.. :D
Honda did it again!

So, what they're saying is that their trucks are heavier, slower, weaker and more prone to rust but at least the frame is bear-resistant? :p
I'm getting "random people think steel is better, so without further evidence here's a pickup made with steel".
Their intended message, whether true or not, would be transported way better if the bear smashed the other cage first.
Hopefully Ford comes back with an appropriate response - showing the aluminum cage being made out of solid aluminum and the 'steel' cage being made out of thin sheet steel that can be bent by hand, that sort of thing.
Word on the street is GM will be moving to aluminum soon.
That and many bear cages are made of aluminum.!products/cjg9

Chevy's campaign against the F150 hasn't been all that great. They were using nuclear subs before to tell people "our trucks are made out of the same steel as those". What good is that? A sub has to survive under hundreds of feet of water. Is a truck ever subject to those pressures? Is the truck's skin made out of plates as wide as the sub's?

The media responce hasn't been great either.
I just thought the bear was cool in the ad. :dunno:
Probably wouldn't do well in a crash. But, the good news is that car will go well with my transparent cased phone!
Manly reversing. Real reactions, no CGI.

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Love the mood in this! No actors, all are real employees.

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