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Jan 14, 2004
Volvo V40 & Yamaha Banshee
we have a funny pics-thread, so we need a funny vids as well

post small cool/funny/worth to see non-car related vids here, but don't go to bigboys or collegehumor and start posting every single vid you come across. would be overload and half wouldn't be worth watching

i have one to start

looks cool, but i don't want to be the neighbour :D
that's the problem

loads of vid, 90% of losers who drank to much or bums fighting
i don't want to spend my download limit on that
several pics of thunderstoms have been posted, but a vid beats a pic by far

click here
bone said:
forget tony hawk

Rodney Mullen is the skating god

As far as technical street skating (manuals, flips) Rodney is the king in that area. I mean, he invented most of those tricks as a kid and now he's like 40 or something :)
This guy got owned, bad!

everyone who gets on stage at jerry springer get's owned so badly :lol:
(i wonder none of that is set up?)
Saw that one just today... I love it when he is thinking hard, and then tries to slap that bitch (?)

I visit it every day ;-)