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Viper's gonna hate Rose McGowan now.

For people who don't know who she is,
Rose McGowan is Cherry Darling from Grindhouse and Paige Matthews from Charmed
Andy Samberg is a comic genius.

He is by far the funniest one on the current cast. But he couldn't hold a flame to the classics like Phil Hartman, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, or Norm MacDonald.

Edit: Ok this one is pretty funny if your a Conan Fan

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Yes, I could embed it, but it's an hour-long comedy routine. Just click and watch it fullscreen. (Sorry about his first comment, he's playing in Washington DC)
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what I meant was that it's not worth it to watch in that tiny box.
Edit: Ok this one is pretty funny if your a Conan Fan


:lol:Hilarious! I know it's mean but I love it, long live Conan.
P.S: Stop changing the damn Embedding function, first it was the full URL, then the gibberish at the end, now back to original.

Eh? The BBCode should accept it all -- the ID, the full URL, the full URL with extra parameters, etc.