Cool Videos

I meant from the video Ice posted
I loved that game!!
E36 Race BMW going around a track :). Turn down your speakers. :drool:


Nordschleife driver passes a fair amount of people on the first lap.

^ real bmw fan that dude (name = Rolf Van Os) :lol:
^ that was hilarious. Nice find.
^That ad's awesome. I saw it for the first time the other night during the rugby. Brilliant. Some sexy ladies in it, too.

70s trackday at the Ring...

It was interesting how the cars were getting smashed up when they rolled, but the beetles looked just fine with maybe some smashed glass. I was pretty nervous when that convertible came through in a serious fish-tail.

And what the hell was up with the guy getting thrown out his door? They had seatbelts back then!
You think anyone wore them?

And even today Adenauer Forst is quite a formidable chicane, even virtually, hehe.
Her problem is that she inhaled, causing her to choke and gasp which only made it worse.