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I can't recall any other rubbish song that's inspired so many great parodies.
only Stephen Colbert could take something awful and horrid then turn it around and make it awesome!
Oh man! When he gets hits by that train...damn...wasn't expecting him to go down like that...
Alas the organizers in a moment of confusion put the danger car out on the track instead of the safety car.
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So I guess the front runners slowed down because of the danger car and the cars in behind couldn't brake in time?
Yeah. Fuckup on many car lights out but not going in, stewards switching to green, only one marshall was smart enough to wave yellow....
Australia is lovely this time of year

Somehow I always suspected that Thomas was a closet badass. :lol:

That video would have been even better if they used the old-school Thomas theme.
Team Fortress 2 can work brilliantly with everything, even Need for Speed.