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Good birgirpall videos are those where he reviews properly broken games.


Regarding the obviously strange humour in these clips.. the first video I saw from birgirpall was like a year ago. Back then I thought the clips were totally unfunny and rather weird.

Then a few months ago I ran into the clips again and started finding more and more funnies in them. Also that Icelandic accent is hilarious somehow. I enjoy Nerdcubed as well, but occasionally it just has to be totally ridiculous and insane comedy to get me going. :)

Seriously though, are these guys (bigge and banzaii) chronically overtired for rofling at the smallest thing? :p
This Is Not America, not at all. :p No fuss, no drama and nobody was shot.
I like the man stuck in the whatchacallit, proper stuck!

Meanwhile in Canada
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Burn it all. Burn everything.

Canada, it was nice knowing you.