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Coolest Crash Photo EVER!

Coolest Crash Photo EVER!

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Z3R0 117

Active Member
Sep 11, 2005
Sideways Catch My DRIFT?
I was bored so I Decied to Play CHicken With The Bots.....
(note this is not a mid crash shot this is where I Landed and just hung there)
You should see Mancs, Fblacka, Pdanev and me when racing S1, those were some good drifting times with some awesome crashes! :lol:
Ohhh, the good old stuck on the fence move. :mrgreen: We did this a lot in S1, BW 1st corner, but damn, you are good to manage to do this on the oval :lol:

PS: a few hint on how to take good screenshots.
1, press shift+F so that all the dials/names etc disappear, and you get a clean screen
2, press shift+U, and play around with the view there, by holding down the left/right button of the mouse you can rotate the view, with the bars you can adjust the height of the camera etc
3, dont use mspaint for screenshots, because you will get a really crappy quality jpg, use photoshop, or some other more advanced picture editing software. if you use fraps, take the pictures in bmp and later convert them to jpg, dont take immediately shots to jpg because they dont look good.
talking about taking screen shots, i think we should have a screenshot session of our new skins on different cars, if we have enough people this weekend, we can get everyone in the same skin on different cars... it'll be a cool pic to show our Final gear team :D
Thanks For The Tips. :-D

btw I don't suck....I lick :mrgreen:
Just Think about it. Im a Male. I Like Females....... :lol:
^^ Can you feel the chemistry between them both ? It's love I tell you ! :love:
Im torn between my feelings of happiness for the great humor provided and the great love shared among two of our forum members.
Can you roll it in S2? i.e. get into the grass sideways and catch your tires?
atleast my crash crushed a few people
Hell i goten in to the blue hell a few times in which i was stick and had to hit ESC and go to the pits to get out off. Which sucks
Oh GREAT now i find out figuers..... :(
lol thats how i found out that you can edit any track :)