Corona Mental Relief: FG Online Gaming


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Feb 27, 2009
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In the general Corona thread the idea of group online gaming emerged to play some online board games together.

Let's put it in this thread instead, so we don't clutter up the discussion there.

First idea: Cards Against Humanity.

Technical stuff: Parallel video chat via Discord? Or something else?
For chat, I've also used (successfully) Jitsi Meet.

Don't know much about it other than it worked fine and easy for me with up to 4 people.
There's also WhereBy, but for rooms with more than four people you need to pay.
That works for me. I'm now set up on Discord, username Mineworksfine#0919.

I think. Haven't used Discord before.
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Oh, great idea!
Count me in, timezones be damned!
I've just ordered dinner, should arrive in about an hour so we will be fed and the dining table cleared by 9pm UK time.

Just in case anyone is peckish...

Vegetable Dhansak
Vegetable Bhuna
Mushroom Pakura
Sag Aloo
Peshwari Nan Bread
Lemon Rice
Popadom x 3
Mango Chutney

Whole lot will be less than £25 delivered, and will be enough to feed us again another night from the freezer.
My personal laptop is dying, so if I play it has to be from my work laptop.

I cannot install discord on it, however I'm sure I could use discord on my phone (already setup), and the laptop for the actual card game.

TLDR: I'm in for some CAH horrible jokes.
Can't you just use Discord in a browser? App won't install on the laptop here so....
I might join to lurk around in the background. I'm being stereotype Finnish and spending the rest of the evening in the sauna.

I guess we could/should use the FG channel on Discord then.
I just got the app on my phone, probably easier that way and just play on the laptop.
I guess we could/should use the FG channel on Discord then.
We have an FG channel on Discord?

How do I get there? I also never used Discord before...

And also: Today/-night, 10pm CEST, 9pm BST, 11pm EEST, 5pm BRT, 4pm EDT: Cards Against Humanity! On what site exactly will be worked out until then, I guess. :D

Edit: @Galantti was nice enough tro invite me to the FG Discord server. If you need an invite, ping me via Discord. I'm "DanielM#5062".
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Didn't see this until, might join in if it's going again. Can't think of a more twisted bunch to play CAH with. :D
Indeed it was. Even if @MWF won, but that was to be expected in a game of CaH, because he's clearly the most horrible person. ;) :p

There will be more games in the coming evenings, perhaps CaH, perhaps Exploding Kittens or something else entirely.

Also, everyone feel free to start your own rounds. There are enough people here, and not everyone has always time anyway. Especially with timezones and jobs... ;)
I remember when a large group of us used to play Forza on Sundays, good times. I don't think any of those others are still around.
Thanks to @DanRoM, @SirEdward and @RdKetchup for a fun and civilised game this evening.

For the record I was playing just for fun and would have enjoyed it as much if I'd finished last.

The most important thing for me was to connect with good friends, two of whom I know IRL and one whom I hope to meet in future.

FG has always been awesome, just fewer people people around these days to be awesome with. Good to know that those who are left are still as awesome as ever.

Thanks guys, all of you.
I'm not on Discord a ton, but I will pin the tab on my browser and turn notifications back on. I'm Sasquatch#8297
@DanRoM and @Blind_Io , I sent you Friend Requests.

I am Guilherme_Atencio#0086 if anyone want to friend me or add to the FG channel.