Corvette C7 mule free DLC


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Feb 13, 2011
Ontario Canada
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General Motors and Poly Dig have released a camouflaged and tarped Corvette C7 development prototype as free Download for Gran Turismo 5. I downloaded last night before work and took the obligatory test drive around the TG track. Not much to report as it was a quick spin. Basically the shape is the C7 as everyone has seen and the interior is clad with covers, even the logo on the wheel is taped over. From what I've read performance is not a match to what the real car will be. I will do a better write up tonight after I wake up. News clip found at
Historically, Gran Turismo portraits prototype cars to drive better (as in accelerate harder and corner quicker) than later production model versions.

Just saying, in case someone compares the camouflages C7 to a C6 in game.