Covid 19 CRISIS


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Aug 1, 2006
Danish robust response was part inspired by this document -

The unpleasant truthis the best protection against coronavirus

Michael Bang PetersenProfessor,Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark(, @M_B_Petersen)

Any crisis demands political leadership;especially thecrisis caused by the coronavirus.First,a virus epidemic can only be stoppedifthe populacehelps. Contagionspreadsamongordinary people, and politicians can thereforeonly solve the problem from afar,by influencing people’s behavior. Second,a virus epidemic requiresthat we break out of one of nature’s strongest forces:eek:urhabits. We must change our habits to prevent contagion. We must wash our handsendlessly, stop touching our face, avoid handshakes, and generally keep a safe distance from other people. It is harder than you might think.
The Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care just published the most extraordinary medical document I’ve ever seen. To help people from Germany to America understand what we’re about to face, I am publishing translated extracts here.

The Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian Doctors

There are now simply too many patients for each one of them to receive adequate care.
I guess this is political?
They made a run on tampons here, too, which is HIGHLY inconvenient.
Currently, Norway is under semi-lockdown, they have closed schools, kindergardens, universities, bars, cafes, restaurants (unless you serve food and customers can keep a distance), all public culture/sporting-venues. Anyone who has the option of working from home has been advised to do so. They even handed out laptops to us today, to give us the possibility to do so, despite the software not being finished. Only critical personnel is required to go to work, and stores remain open, but people are advised to avoid contact with others.

Just another flu, my ass...
I don't care for any of the politics and personally I don't fear the virus (as long as it leaves me alone for two more weeks - very important) but it's great to hear that some drugs have been found to work, otherwise it's going to be devastating to the elderly population. Early detection next, I really hope they figure that out.

We've stacked up some older laptops at work to hand out to people who (somehow) don't have a computer to use at home, everyone I've spoken to thinks that we should be at home to reduce the spread but because Boris hasn't said so yet we're still going about our business as normal. I stuck a big label with 'Norton' written on it to a bottle of hand sanitiser, best IT joke ever.

Carry on.
Well, it's the topic of the moment, everybody talks about it. We can all follow the news...

My biggest consequence so far: no commuting by public transport for the next few weeks. The trains in rush hour are a little too crowded for my taste, especially in the morning with all the children going to school.
This is of course a little schizophrenic of me because I a) am quite sure I will catch the virus sooner or later, b) have a high probabilty of not being a "mild case" and c) would have that rather now than in summer when it would interfere with my vacation plans. But a two-week quarantine or worse, a hospital stay sucks in any case, so I'm trying to avoid that, hopeless as it may well be.
Here, they are trying to limit the growth with stricter and stricter limitations. It will only work partially until they will implement a mix between Wuhan and South Korea. At some point, they will resort to shut the industrial production, which they are trying hard to avoid. For the moment, everything that could be shut has been shut.

It is terrible to see Europe and the US doing so little after seeing what is happening here. What the heck are they waiting for? The economy, now, is just a sunken cost. It will tumble, whether it gets rapidly stopped to try tackling the problem or it gets slowly stopped to tackle the problem later.

Politically, Europe is showing how divided it still is, the US are being led into a massacre by the orange moron, and China seems able to come out as the new real superpower.

At least, these difficult times will get (politically) rid of so many horrible, lying and incompetent politician that maybe after that things will actually improve.
My company told everyone who can work from home to go ahead and do it, my director went further and said it was mandatory till this whole pandemic bs is over.
^here they’ve told us that to only travel to non “hot” states such as WA, CA, MA, and NY. All training classes won’t be allowed to be conducted nor are trade shows allowed. If needed they will have us rotate between working in the office and home. And our Canadian office will have a skeleton warehouse crew which means production will also be reduced.

We’ve also been told that if you’ve vacationed to those states to stay home for 2 weeks. It will be unpaid or they suggest using paid vacation days for that time. If it’s any longer they suggest filing a claim with short term disability to get paid for the time lost.

My office is only 4 people at the moment so I am not sure if we need to even do anything other than clean door knobs and wash hands more often.

fuck trying to go to a grocery store. I absentmindedly went and the lines for checkout was so stupidly long. I ended going to the alcohol area as it’s separate and buying a mini-keg of Hofbrauhaus Christmas beer for the weekend. Otherwise since I usually only commute home to work and back, it seems I just do that. So no different than normal while everyone else freaks out. Feels weird.

on the plus side, I got an email from my health insurance company and they are waiving test fees but only to those that are deemed at risk or meet their criteria. ?
Justin Trudeau's wife confirmed infected. They had both announced earlier they were quarantining themselves by precaution since she had a fever.
Currently in Colorado Springs on spring break and I asked my wife to pickup some cough medicine and this is the picture i got a few minutes ago from the cold and flu isle...... I mean WTF people

Currently in Colorado Springs on spring break and I asked my wife to pickup some cough medicine and this is the picture i got a few minutes ago from the cold and flu isle...... I mean WTF people

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The shelf for rice in my local grocery store today after work.