Ownership Verified: Cpt.70's NotAHonda - 1983 Triumph Acclaim L


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Aug 6, 2008
Glasgow, Scotland
'77 Triumph Dolomite 1300 + '83 Triumph Acclaim
Fitted the spare arm that was known working at last service (I keep old ign components in the boot, just in case) and that's exactly the same.

No play in the shaft itself, but the rotor arms spin on it. If I wedge a bit of card between the flat section of shaft and the arm it stops flapping about and the car revs smoothly.

I'm at a loss as to how the shaft could deteriorate so rapidly and what would cause it.

I'll acquire a new rotor arm just in case these have both failed in the same way and the last 15,000 miles of smooth running were just dumb luck... worst case some material can be added to the shaft via TIG welding to make the rotor arm a snug fit..