Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

That Coronet seems ok. Not sure I'd do much body work, depends on how bad it was. Maybe just get it running and enjoy it a bit first.

Fury is a very nice car, but $47k‽ I think I would rather put $10k into the Coronet and have something in not worried about scratching.

Fiero los Very nice and I have a soft spot for them, but it's it me or is the paint wonky?

Another, I wouldn't restore if it's not going to turn to dust tomorrow, on the Cadillac. It's been painted at some point. They didn't even mask the inner fenders. I am concerned about that rear window though. Wonder what metal worms are hiding there?
Part of the reason I posted those two Mopars is so we could see the disparity in pricing. The Coronet is rough, yet still demands more than rough pricing(see the description). The Fury is beautifully restored, or more correctly, restomoded, but priced as if it were an all original car that was restored.

I did not look that closely at the Fiero.

My choice here would be the Caddy too. I also would only work to stop the rust monsters and make it driveable. Maybe update the AC, but keep all the bits.
It was an attempt to be funky, and it succeeded! LOL I don't think they look great, but I like the oddity of it.
GM made the concept and was gauging public interest for it. Audiences were very enthusiastic.
GM made the concept and was gauging public interest for it. Audiences were very enthusiastic.

And then they seen the price! It was rather expensive, and I think the goal was to go after the same crowd that liked the Prowler.
Brown Escort in Brown City. Perfect '70s-80s combo.
Buick is nice, not sure it's $13k nice, like you said. Maybe if it was a V8 car.

I looked it up on Hagerty, and that is the price they give for one with a V8. There is no sales data for one with a V6 that is a convertible.
I like the color combo and the interior, but it's one of those cars where a little restraint would have gone a long way. Example, I don't mind the 460, but why paint it on the air cleaner, along with "Hot Rod Lincoln". Then the add on tach and gauges are just a little too 1986 truck and not fitting of the rest of the car.

I'm nit picking, I know, but less is more.
I agree.