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I would not take a free van. It’s a storage container at this point...

the buck, if it runs, maybe. I saw one today and they want 11,000 for it. It looks like a running vehicle, even if it isn’t the best in terms of condition.


Crazy Mopar prices... I mean, it's a rare optioned car, but ugh....

Mustang is overpriced for sure. Maybe if they fixed the paint it would be worth that.

The Dodge is neat and couldn't be built for that price, but I'd have a hard time wanting something like that. I can appreciate it, but just not my cup-o.

That Coronet is overpriced, what in the flying fuck....

Mustang.... ehhh it's high but not horribad, still wouldn't.

That Plymouth is kind of cool though.
I thought about posting some more overpriced Mopar stuff, but it gets old quick. Have some more interesting ads. I bet it can do a 1/4 mile in 25 seconds. lol You want the project to drown you financially , right? Seriously, I like the car and would love to see it saved in some fashion. This is just cool.
I like the 1921 Dodge pickup, would be great to show up to cruise-ins in something not a muscle car or not a late model car with neon LED lights everywhere.

The 1940 Plymouth sedan looks like a nice starting point. It doesn't seem to be overly rusty or dented. Finding trim and such could prove tough. Perhaps an old school hot rod would be the easiest way to save it?

I like Econoline trucks and vans, but $15k for one that was sprayed satin black to hide it's body flaws? Eh...
What a weird selection... :ROFLMAO:

Geo, death never looked so bad.

Capri, worst Capri of the blue oval variety.

Reatta, bankruptcy never looked so good.

El Camino, I always liked these SS conversions on them. Would drive.

GN, :love:

Viper, burning your legs never looked so good.
What a weird selection... :ROFLMAO:

Isn't that what this thread has become? It is even titled that.

Viper, burning your legs never looked so good.

This model has the side pipes covered, so I don't think it would be that bad.
Does it move under its own power? It's complete.
They don't make that clear...
It looks great, just needs the local municipality signage on the door. Curious how bad a non-turbo 7.3L is.