Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

The Avanti has always been weird to me. That someone thought this was such a great vehicle that we will continue to sell them long after the parent company went belly up.

Same. It was made into the 00’s, for chrissakes.
That bit doesn't surprise me, it was a beautiful piece of Mid-Century modern design of which < 10,000 original examples exist made by an underdog company as part of their last hail mary to save themselves.

What I find amusing is that it just gets uglier and worse the more it stays in production.

Original: Very nice, lithe shape. Almost cute, doesn't embarrass itself next to contemporary European sports cars or the American boulevardiers (or the Corvette):


1970s: Still an Avanti, but the details are now slighly off


1980s: Body-colored everything, proportions are now slightly but noticeably off on account of worn tooling and it being built on a Caprice chassis


1990s: Avanti Sedan available


2000s: Mustang with bodykit. Owner of the brand goes to the slammer over Ponzi Scheme. Brand is finally mercy killed

Uma Thurman made the Avanti look stylish AF.