Ownership Verified: Craig ventures in to classic European cars - 1972 Volvo 164E

Messed around a little with the car this afternoon and got the fuel pump working semi-properly. No more hot wire running from the battery.

So after a short drive I decided to go ahead and give it a quick wash to try and clean the windows and scrub off the gunk stuck to the paint.




After getting a few photos, I headed back home as light was fading quickly and the headlights don't work (that's the next job). We hadn't made it far and the car lost fire. Coast over to the side of the road and start probing around to find the fuse for the fuel pump below.


A little melty... Luckily had forethought and had left a spare in this little auxiliary fuse block, swapped the wires over and drove off.

Let's just hope this was an isolated incident, but probably not.
Now comes the fun part of trying to track down an intermittent electrical fault. Fortunately the wiring on those is pretty basic, but you will probably have to trace the wiring. I'd start any place it might chaff and short.
Still have this, considering entering it in a local Rallycross race coming up in a couple weeks. Would like to track down the intermittent melty fuse (replaced the fuel pump and it's better, but still does it sometimes). Would like to check all fluids, do an oil change as well. Probably drain the fuel and put in fresh fuel. The newest is a year old, who knows how old the rest is. Also, need to make it start without a screwdriver.
Dug this out of the weeds and it started right up, I left it to idle while I did a couple quick yard things. Came back to it and it died as soon as I walked up. Found it melted the fuse again. So I did the right thing and stuck a larger capacity fuse in it's spot. It started again, but the new fuel pump is not always working. I think, *think*, it really needs a pre-filter in front of the pump. Odd that it doesn't have one, but I'll try and add one.
I like that they used an 11mm wrench instead of wasting the 10mm.
On the other hand, it means you need a separate emergency 10mm wrench or socket. :p


I made one of these for a friend with 10 and 13mm, after he went through a phase of losing them in car doors. I think his wife has now banned him from working on their cars.
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