Ownership Verified: CraigB's 2014 Nissan Frontier (Navara) Pro-4X

That's cool as hell.

So after owning this truck for nearly 5 years, I finally bought a lift kit for it (Well, it was actually 2.5 lift kits, but that's another story).

The front is lifted with Bilstein 5100 struts. These replace the factory struts (Bilstein 4600 in the case of the Pro-4X models) and have adjustability in ride height (from 0" to 2"/0 to 50mm). I went with 1.5"/38mm to try and even out the fender gap from front to rear, after I had added a pair of Rough Country 1.5"/38mm lift shackles. I also have an add-a-leaf that I might swap out, but after consulting with @Blind_Io , he confirmed what I had suspected, the rear leaf springs are dead. So I'll have to get by with what I have for now and think about some better leaf spring packs in the near future.

The shocks seem to be valved a little firmer over the 4600s that have been on the truck for 110k miles/177k kilometers, but not harsh and really seem to help it rider nicer.


And the obligatory "flex" shots:



While I was at it I also installed some 1.185"/30mm wheel spacers and removed the mud flaps (mostly because the tires rubbed hard while turning sharply).

I'm happy that I lifted it, but I do want to sort that leaf spring situation out as soon as possible. Mostly because I don't like how far the truck squats while towing.

Still need to buy/build some rock sliders in the future, but until a trip to Moab is in the cards, there really isn't a reason to...
When we last left I had just lifted the truck and fitted (literately) a camper shell. Since then we have:


Parked in the woods in Michigan.


Parked in the woods in Missouri.


Parked on a rooftop parking garage of an ex-bank.


Parked behind some bleachers while hauling a small utility vehicle.


Parked at a Mexican restaurant in Missouri, somewhere, while hauling a smaller truck.


Parked in my driveway under a full moon.


Parked in my yard and worked on some other trucks.


Parked near a cabin in Arkansas.


Parked at sunset.


Parked near other trucks of varying size.


Parked at a business and strapped pipes to the roof rack. (First time I have done this in 5 years of ownership.)


Parked in some snow.


Parked in some snow, in the woods.


Parked in some snow, in the woods, from far away.


Parked in the yard, again, while towing a smaller truck, again.


Parked on a dragstrip in Texas.


Parked on a concrete pad, in front of a shop building, while towing a trailer.


Parked on a dragstrip in Missouri.


And, to bring us full loop again, parked in the woods in Missouri.

But the most important thing of all, I paid the thing off today. It is mine now. To another 6 years and 125k miles. :cheers:

Today is cold, rainy and just not conducive to wanting to be outside, but I didn't want to be in the house, so I decided to go for a dirt road drive.


Found this rotten barn full of rotten hay.


And this neat old church.


And a rafter of turkeys.


Things started icing up, so I decided it was time to head home before the roads became slick.
I very like post like this. Not just technical "I did this and this to the car", but inbetween just showing where the car lives and the surroundings. Great pictures. (y)
Slight hiccup today, the truck left me stranded for the first time. Luckily, only half a mile from home, when I'd shut the truck off while waiting on a train. Went to restart once the tracks were clear and only got clicks from the starter. The factory battery had finally perished after almost 9 years and 145k miles (233k km). Gena was able to come down with her Altima to give me a jump.

I think it's amazing the battery lasted that long and honestly I didn't notice any degradation in starting power until I went to start it this morning. It definitely wasn't putting out the amps it needed anymore. I figured I'd have a couple days to get a replacement, but I was sadly mistaken.

Oh well, $220 at the auto parts store and I had a new battery with a 3 year nationwide warranty.
Finally, I bought something for the truck I have wanted for a long, long time. My own car hauler, one that's easier to load low vehicles on over the one I've borrowed from dad for the last 20 year.


It's not new, I bought it from one of our racers who had used it the last couple years until he bought an enclosed, but it is in pretty decent shape for a nearly 20 year old trailer. Built not far me in 2003 by Neal Manufacturing, which was in Pleasanton, Kansas (which was, at the time across the street from a transmission builder that races with us). The guy I bought it from had bought it from a dirt track racer in northern Missouri near Iowa. Specs are 14 foot (4.25 meters) of deck space with a 4' foot of dove/beaver tail (1.2 meters), for a total of 18 foot of total deck (~5.5 meters). All of the lighting was changed to LED at some point, but I might go with a little more modern lights at some point. Wiring is okay, but I will feel better if I replace it this winter.

Of course, I was itching to see if the BRZ would load easily, so...



And it was super easy to load. Ramps don't have to be carried, just slide right out the back. Can't wait to try this out next week when I go autocrossing again. :D



Also loaded a couple of the other projects for the heck of it. :ROFLMAO:
A car trailer is a great thing to have.

The other day I saw a VERY BIG enclosed trailer being towed by a BMW X6. It made the BMW look like an Isetta.
That’s nice, @CraigB. I’d like one as it makes my loaner self even more self dependent.
f you have a trailer, you'll make all sorts of new friends. 😆

You will also find out who is good about doing what they tell you that they will, and who respects you and your equipment.

(Loaded and fueled yesterday for today's trip.)

The truck just continues to continue. Two weeks ago it did a 1500 mile turn to Michigan without issue. And this weekend it hauled the BRZ to an autocross. Really like the new rear springs for towing. Not immediately down on the bumpstops anymore.


(Arrived at the extra lot used for trailers early this morning.)


(Stopped for groceries for dinner and wanted to see how whole thing lit up at night.)

Oil change to happen this week. Probably the 50th I've done since owning the truck...