Ownership Verified: CraigB's 2014 Nissan Frontier (Navara) Pro-4X


Ich bin ein Kartoffel
Feb 14, 2007
Mustang SVO - Nissan Frontier Pro-4X & Altima

So after owning this truck for nearly 5 years, I finally bought a lift kit for it (Well, it was actually 2.5 lift kits, but that's another story).

The front is lifted with Bilstein 5100 struts. These replace the factory struts (Bilstein 4600 in the case of the Pro-4X models) and have adjustability in ride height (from 0" to 2"/0 to 50mm). I went with 1.5"/38mm to try and even out the fender gap from front to rear, after I had added a pair of Rough Country 1.5"/38mm lift shackles. I also have an add-a-leaf that I might swap out, but after consulting with @Blind_Io , he confirmed what I had suspected, the rear leaf springs are dead. So I'll have to get by with what I have for now and think about some better leaf spring packs in the near future.

The shocks seem to be valved a little firmer over the 4600s that have been on the truck for 110k miles/177k kilometers, but not harsh and really seem to help it rider nicer.


And the obligatory "flex" shots:



While I was at it I also installed some 1.185"/30mm wheel spacers and removed the mud flaps (mostly because the tires rubbed hard while turning sharply).

I'm happy that I lifted it, but I do want to sort that leaf spring situation out as soon as possible. Mostly because I don't like how far the truck squats while towing.

Still need to buy/build some rock sliders in the future, but until a trip to Moab is in the cards, there really isn't a reason to...