Ownership Verified: CraigB's Correct-Wheel-Drive Lesbaru (2013 Subaru BRZ)

Needs window louvers.

Stickered the BRZ up yesterday evening in preparation of today's Australian Pursuit autocross. Lost first round of the main event, but redeemed myself in the "losers" bracket first round and took out an early Boxter. However, round 2 there was an issue, while doing everything I know how to fend off a Miata, there was a familiar and sickening sound. Yes, indeed, Uncle Rodney is back and worse than ever. So bad infact, the engine is seized.

No idea what happened this time, but there's much thinking to do as to what is next for the car and several months before autocross starts back up.

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*Quite clumsily pushes an EZ36 into frame*

It's a consideration. Rebuilding one of the FA20s is another. I was also looking at Toyota 1UZ, Honda K24, etc. swap, are all on the table. Money is a big factor. I also think I should get the SVO going before tackling an engine rebuild/swap on the BRZ.
Here's some photos that were taken of the car yesterday.





Ruminating on the whole engine blowing up in 110 miles deal all day. The logical choice is rebuild one of the engines, if I can keep the cost low. Nothing else would need to be purchased that way. This might be doable this winter and get the car back on the road while I assemble the SVO. But to know what the engines are going to need, I'll need to tear into both and see which one is more salvageable.
One in the front, one in the rear, 4WD (it is a Subaru, afteral).
Joking aside, what happened? How could it give up so soon?
@Redliner - Best guess is a similar scenario to last time. Either starved for oil from high cornering forces, oil got too hot and thinned out (I was running a heavier oil this time, 5w30 vs 0w20) or something to be determined with an engine tear down.
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That's wild. I've only ever heard of the FA24 guys having oil starvation problems. Let me know if you need any of the Company23 special service tools and I'll ship them over.

Assume you have the FSM?
I think the BRZ was the first one to be CD-only instead of a PDF. I've got it on the shop PC if you need it.

There's a fancy pin spanner dingus for the crankshaft pulley, fancy pin spanner dingus for the camshafts (you could also improvise a tool for these two). Rod bolts take an E14 external torx, cam sprockets take an E16 external torx. They make a valve spring compressor assembly I don't have yet. They also make (and I have) a socket that fits on the crankshaft nose and engages with the key so you can turn it whichever direction without worrying about the bolt unthreading, or bottoming out the bolt too hard, which is handy.

I also have the absurd M13xsome-really-obscure-pitch tap required for the crank nose, but unless something has gone HILARIOUSLY wrong I can't see you needing that
Ugh, what to do with this car. I hate that it's sitting in my driveway, going to waste. A new short block and associated parts would set me back $3000-3500. I could still try to piece an engine together with the two bad ones, but I'm still not sure what caused them to fail. Was oil starvation from high cornering forces? Oil got hot and thinned out? Both? Something else?

I could possibly sell the Hardbody to find another engine, but I'm not sure that's the right thing to do, love the little truck and it gets great mpg (same can be said for the BRZ).

I could possibly sell some extra bicycles to fund an engine too.

Guess I've got soul to search.

Also still need to figure out what is wrong with the second engine.