Ownership Verified: CraigB's Correct-Wheel-Drive Lesbaru (2013 Subaru BRZ)

BRZ is legal now. Inspection was just an old man looking out the window at it and asking for $12. :ROFLMAO:

He did say he shouldn't have passed it due to a 1.5"/37mm diameter circle crack in the lower left of the windshield, but that he doesn't care as long as they are out of view.

Edit: Interesting aside. I've driven the BRZ about 150 mile now and I've already received two compliments on the car. One from a guy walking by while a friend and I chatted. The other from a 17 year-old kid at the drive thru at an Arby's. He was amazed to find out it had 250k+ miles.

Why I find this odd is, in all the Mustangs, Merkurs, trucks, etc. that I have owned I have only been told once that I had a nice car (a passenger in a riced out 350Z complimented the silver Merkur XR4Ti I had).

Edit 2: Ordered a plate. :ROFLMAO:

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Yeah I even got it occasionally with the side bashed in and they were even standing on that side of the car. It's weird.

It was like a daily thing back when it was new and they were all over the car culture as the new hotness. Wonder if the MCM BRZ isn't raising the profile back up again.
A few updates in one here.

Un: I have fixed the "hum" that I was getting at speeds at greater than 20 mph. I unscientifically determined that the right rear wheel bearing needed replaced. I had read these were a bear to get out. Disassembly went well at first, but actually getting the bearing removed from the spindle proved to be a right problem. First I rigged up a device to use a slide hammer, it only removed the hub from the bearing. Headed in the right way, but the carrier was still frozen to the spindle. I purchased an air hammer (it was suggested on a Youtube video), but after a couple hours of hammering, I realized what I needed to do.


So I removed the spindle from the car and...


Rigged it up in the small press at the shop at the dragstrip. I'm sure this is not exactly OSHA approved, but...


It worked! The carrier was still stuck in the parking brake backing plate, but that was handily dispatched with the press as well.


All back together and ready to go!

Zweí: There was an awful squeak coming from the front accessory. On a hunch I ordered a new drive belt (Continental Elite) and installed it today. Squeak is gone. So between this and the bearing noise gone the car is much more quite to drive, making it more enjoyable.

Tres: We were out for a nice drive today after lunch and the first full tank I'd put in the car was down to about a 1/4, I see that we are near one of the few places that carries 93 octane in town (That's R+M/2). So I pull in, fuel up and calculate the mileage. Mostly mixed it returned 29.5 MPG (8 liters per 100 km). Not bad and nearly twice what my truck normally gets. :ROFLMAO:

Next will be figure out what the clunking from the front left is. Most likely struts.
Wow, with the amount of driving this thing has done, I'm amazed at the lack of rust underneath.
Yeah, that belt was so bad I contemplated changing it on the road, but I just turned up the music instead ;)
Is this car going to be the proverbial village bicycle? Is everyone gonna get a ride (or in this case, ownership)?

Kidding aside, nice gets, Craig!


Been driving it here and there. Changed the oil last week. Looked fine. Today I loaded up a bicycle in the trunk and the rear seat and moved the passenger seat all the way forward. On my way back I stopped and got a couple of snap shots where they practice striping. This is the former FEMA village after the 2011 tornado in Joplin. Only thing that remains is the roads (which are quite rough) and the transformers. Everything else was sold long ago.
You should buy a cake when it reaches 310.000 Miles
It's mostly diesel Volvos and Mercs that clock up these kinds of numbers at this age around here.
Who won?