Ownership Verified: CraigB's Correct-Wheel-Drive Lesbaru (2013 Subaru BRZ)


Got an odd snow storm overnight. Took the car out to play, but it had melted a bit much for that.

LPT, clear the snow out of the wheels before you get onto the highway. Had a hell of a shake when I left to go home. 😬
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Replaced the tired stock head unit this week with a cheapy Jensen. The stock unit had some dead spots in the touch screen and was incredibly slow to connect to my Android phone, but would connect to the wife's iPhone almost immediately.

Anyway, new unit sounds a bit better and is usable, so win win.
Replaced the stock leaking, rusty and tired struts tonight with a set of low mileage takeoffs. Much, much better. The tops on the struts up front were well past their use by date and would rattle on almost any bump. Not the case anymore.

Next noisy component that needs attention is the transmission. The question is rebuild or swap out for a low mileage salvage unit?
Way late on the update from the last autocross, but managed to go out first round on both heats. No photos either, no one snagged any of my junk. Ended up working the course way more than I wanted, kinda made for a long and annoying day.

Meanwhile the car continues to solder on, no problems. Taken it on a couple longer road trips to Oklahoma to see family. I'm also trying to take it instead of my truck as much as possible. For two reasons really. One, double the MPGs. Two, let's get this thing to 300k miles.

To whit, advanced the the odometer to 271k miles today on a short trip to the racetrack and back. We are in the middle of a hell of a cold snap (6f/-14c when this was taken) and even got a little snow. The summer tires didn't care.


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Today we took the BRZ on the longest trip I've done with it so far, just a hair over 500 miles to Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma. Car did great, no issues. However, at interstate speed, 70-85 mph (~110-135 kph) it is noisy. Transmission is singing, engine is screaming, tires are humming and wind is whistling. Just things that need attention, I may or may not fix them. I mean it isn't broke.





That's on a section of I-44 west of Tulsa that is an 80 mph speed limit (so I run 5 over and blow by everyone too damned scared to run this fast). The Kickapoo (it's an Indian tribe name) turnpike that connects I-44 to I-40 (to avoid OKC), is also 80 mph. The car ate it up, no problem.

Also accidentally ended up at 7-11 and took one of those stupid 7-11 photos that JDM (YO!) guys do. Well sort of, I wasn't going to move from the pump and it wasn't dark, so... whatever.


Mileage when we pulled into the driveway was like 30 miles shy of 272k miles (~437k+ km). If I get a chance tomorrow I'll get that over that hump, otherwise it might be a over a week until I am back home.
Transmission is singing, engine is screaming, tires are humming and wind is whistling.
Aren't those things expected?