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Crazy Drifting


Apr 4, 2005
Hey guys

I just found this video on the net and I was wondering if you could tell me what car that they are in, looks like a Hyundai to me, but not too sure because I don't think you can drift like that in a front wheel drive car and also it might be some car that insn't available to North America. Also if you have anymore vids of these crazy guys please share...


at the bbegining you can see a hyundai symbol and he is using a lot of handbrake.
Looks like a Hyundai Sonata, plenty of those over here. The guys who do that kinda stuff typically use a FWD car like a Camry or Sonata, because they're cheap and easy enough to send into a spin with the handbrake.
yo chaos, you live in ksa.. is it ok to kick cop's cars like that?
^I'm gonna have to say "no" on that one...

Bonus points to whoever correctly identifies what kind of car the cop car is. :)
lumina ss (pointiac gto) holden manaro.. whatever u call it :p
Yeah, a lumina, not the ss version though. Waaay better than the FWD Impalas they use in North America, IMO. You're right about the names thing, too. It's the Holden/Chevy/Pontiac/Vauxhall Monaro/Lumina Coupe SS/GTO! *gasps for air* :lol:
hehe .. hmm wait there was a longer version of a lumina.. LTZ? forgot the exact name.. fast car and very roomy
and boooooooooooooo for all what u see in N.america.. those cars are garbage
The Caprice? Same chassis as the Lumina but longer and it comes standard with the V8 (although now you can get them with the 230hp V6). Comes as LS, LTZ, SS and Royale (which has TVs in the back! :D).
yeah the caprice LTZ. 8)
These video reminds me of "Jeremy Clarkson?s Motoworld - Dubai".
A lot of crazy driving. :shock: