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crazy japanese!

:bangin: That's just stupid
it looked like he was pulled by a string.. if they perfect it.. i'll purchase their product for sure :lol:
hahahahahhaha I used to have an addon to my bike pump that made a 2 litre bottle a rocket. Exact same principle as that....

My god that is awesome. I want a go.
I can't tell if it was fake or not, but that was pretty neat if it was.
swek said:
Seems like they underestimated the force a little. :lol:

crazy jump

I would try this too :)
Raven18940 said:
I can't tell if it was fake or not, but that was pretty neat if it was.

With the kit I had you could get a 2 litre bottle to go about 20-30 meters into the air with a bike pump.

The bottles they have there are larger and probably have a higher pressure rating. Its quite possible that this is real and I reckon it is.
I made many bottle rockets after watching "Beakman?s World", but I didn?t needed a kit, just a pump, a needle to inflate balls, a corkscrew and a large bottle.
Put needle trough corkscrew, fill about 1/3 of the bottle with water, point bottle up, pump and wait for the launch. :lmao:
i think there is some movie magic at work herei don't think he had the thrust to go quite that far... i am sure he would have been pushed off the dock... but he wouldn't have gone quite that distance

I'm sure there's no fx involved. By now you should have seen enough Japanese weirdo show clips to know that they don't do that.
Definitely some strings attached...
After the initial thrust, he rotates. No way he would have gone so far. And you can see him bended by the waist, as there was a security string.

But funny, nonetheless :lol:

They passed that show here in Portugal, where they have to do a lot of stupid trials.
hmmm I think he bends at the waste cause his legs are not held to the "jetpack". As for the rotation, all that had to happen there was to have to bottles not facing perfectly straight.