Creating AVCHD with 25 FPS .ts

Dec 25, 2005
Shrewsbury, MA
2008 Honda Civic LX
I've been trying to find a good guide to convert the 1080i .ts Top Gear files to 23.976 frames/s while keeping the audio in sync so I can create an AVCHD with tsMuxerGUI. I then burn these AVCHDs to either a single layer or dual layer DVD depending on the size. If successful they can be played on any Blu-ray player that can play back AVCHD. However, the 25 FPS source frame rate on these .ts files will not play on most North American Blu-ray players.

I've had no problems creating AVCHDs with .mkvs that were 24 fps and they play fine on the Sony BDP-S550 Blu-ray player downstairs.

Any ideas?
I am trying a program called AVCHDCoder. I changed the output resolution to 1080p and I selected CovertFPS(24000,1001) in the drop down menu (not sure if that is correct). It's on the second pass right now. I set the size to 3,779 MB (close to the original .ts file size). Hopefully everything is in sync and it works on a Blu-ray player once burned to a single layer DVD-R.
Success! AVCHDCoder is a great tool. I loaded up the 1080i.ts file, left pretty much everything default except in the "Select Streams" tab I selected 1080p23.976 under Advanced and ConvertFPS(24000,1001) under Avisynth. Under the Output tab I unchecked "Force subtitles track #1" and selected "no menu and no intro" from the drop down menu. I checked off folder and put the location of where the output would be. Under output size I choose ?Custom? and put 3,779 MB.

CovertFPS said:
The filter attempts to convert the frame rate of clip to new_rate without dropping or inserting frames, providing a smooth conversion with results similar to those of standalone converter boxes. The output will have (almost) the same duration as clip, but the number of frames will change proportional to the ratio of target and source frame rates.

It took around 2.5 hours to encode, but all I had to do after was drag the two output folders into ImgBurn ("Write Folders or Files to Disc").

AVCHD on a DVD-R played on my 60 GB fat PS3 and Sony BDP-S550 flawlessly.