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credit cards and dinners


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
i was wondering, you know when u go out for dinner and you hand the waiter your credit card, couldnt he like copy your number and detials down when hes doing the bill? or jsut take a picture of your card with his phone?

in hk, they do take a while to bring the bill, more than enough time to do what i said above.

anyone argee?
I never go out to dinner because I don't have any money for that :(
But if it happend, and my creditcard was used, I would notice it and just call the bank and tell them.
That's why you should pay cash :)

Anyway, if you think about it, anywhere you use your credit card there's a chance of the number and details being scammed. It even happens in ATMs, people put a sleeve/skimmer in or over the card slot which either eats the card or takes the details then spits the card out again and films you entering your pin. :eek:
if i was to get someone credit card number, i would buy small price items which they dont take notice of :D
jasonchiu said:
if i was to get someone credit card number, i would buy small price items which they dont take notice of :D
Wouldn't work with me. I keep receipts and compare with the statement when it gets here.

The usual way they go about it is to grab many numbers and load the cards as long as they can use them and then ditch the number as soon as it doesn't work anymore (i.e. once the card's limit is reached or the bank picks up on suspect use of the card).

Credit card fraud involving copied details has more to do with organised crime than a single waiter trying to use his customer's card information.
That works everywhere, I mean at a shop, they get all your credit card info, the only thing the guy has to do is memorize your security code and then he can do purchases on the internet with your card...

I trust internet more than real life for those transactions.
Yeah, a waiter swiping the credird twice is the most common credit card fraud... (he then takes the money out of the cash register.)