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I once had some bread unlike nothing else in Denmark. The crust was really hard/crisp but the inside was very silky and light, and it had really big pockets of air inside.

Clues? (recipe)
You sir, have just described bread. I'll see what i can dig up. Shame you had to ask after i got off work<_<
Alright, Mr. wooflepoof, what's your favorite recipe? :mrgreen:
Alright, Mr. wooflepoof, what's your favorite recipe? :mrgreen:

I dont know yet, I had it in a dining room at school and I never remembered what it was. Some asian fusion chicken and I long to find the recipe. It was in one of the food tech classes; this was my freshman year and it was a senior class.:cry: I might never find it again
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Nono, it had massive air pockets.

EDIT: It was sourdough bread. Now I just gotta find a good recipe :S

Franskbr?d can have huge airholes in it too.. There are different kinds, with more or less airholes. The way you described it above, the first thing than came into my head was Franskbr?d.. and I am from Denmark :)

We usually eat it a lot in the mornings and afternoons.
I have trouble making cannolli, the minute they touch the oil, the dough sort of "melts". Any tips?