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Custom Titles?

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May 29, 2004
What's up with that? Andy and Overheat got one....where's the thread for that?

Or is that one of Renesis' 'was a good idea but don't care anymore' actions? :eek:
Noh you don't get me, I don't need a title I was just wondering why only 2 people got it and it was kinda sneaky...at least, I haven't seen a thread about it.
It's a planned mod for the forums, just been busy with the site. ;)
I know I've read something about it before, but what's up with the "Asian cocktail sausage"? Does it come from somewhere or was it just another deviation of Renesis' sick mind?
It was discussed in a thread, jasonchui has a small wieiner so he's got that title but was pissed and wanted other azns to get it so I gave it to andy too, but I'm not making more if Viper is making a thing for it, and I'M NOT TAKING submissions. I'll give you one if I feel like so ;)
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